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Fourth Thursday in Advent. CHRSTMAS EVE!

Fourth Thursday in Advent


Wonder of a Promise

(Light 3 Purple and 1 Pink Candles)

Joseph also went…to the city called Bethlehem…with Mary who was expecting a child. While they were there, the time came for her to deliver her child.

Luke 2:4-6

God’s promise of a Savior for the world and for each one of us is brought right to our doorsteps. We are reminded that tonight we wait one last time for the birth of Jesus.

Tomorrow we celebrate! Tomorrow we remember the gift given to all the world of a King, Lord and Savior for all people.

Share how you are going to celebrate the birth of Jesus tomorrow.

God, thank you for the journey of Advent and for the blessed time we have shared together. AMEN

Song of the Day: It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

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