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Instructions for Advent Devotional

How to Use this Devotional Book

Things you will need to make the most of your family/personal devotional time this Advent:

This Devotional Book

An Advent Wreath

Lighter or Matches

A place to gather

Access to the Church Website for songs

A Willingness to Experience the Wonder of Advent and Christmas together.

Each day there are five elements of devotion for you to explore and use on your journey together. First, you will want to light your advent candle or candles for the day. Each devotion starts by telling you which candles to light. Our family members like to take turns lighting the candle.

Second, you will share the scripture reading together. We like to take turns reading as well. This scripture will help to focus on the Advent Symbol for the week.

Third, there is a short meditation/story that someone can read out loud. Each week also has either a discussion question or challenge for you or your family to explore together. I would encourage you to have each person in your family to share each day. This makes sure that everyone is on the journey together. If you are reading this devotional by yourself, I would encourage you to spend a moment or two each day reflecting on the challenge or question offered. Or if you are feeling extra bold, call a friend and share with them.

Fourth, there is a prayer to round out your devotional time together. It is short and sweet but talking to God is most important and helps us focus on him.

Fifth and Finally, each day there is a song recommendation to go along with the theme of the week. I will posting on the “Pastors Blog” page at this devotional along with a video for the “Song of the Day.” You can get the full devotional as well as the recordings each day so you will have access to them with a computer, phone or other connected device.

Most importantly, please try to meet once a day with your family to be in devotion together using this book. Our time spent with God is so precious, and to do that as a family a most Wondrous Gift. Enjoy the Journey!

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