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Invitation to the Advent Journey

An Invitation to the Journey from Advent to Christmas

Christmas has always been one of my very favorite times of year. I love the Christmas decorations and the Christmas lights! I love going to the Christmas tree farm and picking out the PERFECT Christmas tree to bring back home. I love Christmas cooking, cakes and cookies. I love the family time and exchanging of gifts that Christmas brings and the joy that everyone feels. I love Christmas Caroling and man do I love snow.

You may have noticed that I used the word CHRISTMAS a few times there in describing what I love about this season! However, I would not have a love for any of the things above if it were not for the fact that I love CHRIST whose birth gives us the reason to truly celebrate at Christmas!

The gifts and decorations, lights and yummy food, the tree and family gathered around it, pale in comparison to the true symbols of Christmas and the WONDER that they bring!

This advent season we are going to be exploring four parts of Christmas that are truly full of wonder. Authors Ed Robb and Rob Renfroe say in their book The Wonder of Christmas, “Once you believe, Anything is Possible.” I am inviting you and your family on an Advent to Christmas journey with me where we will look at the symbols of the Star, Name, Manger and Promise of Jesus. Each day there will be a scripture, a reading, a prayer and a song for your family to share together around your advent wreath. As you light the candles and share in the devotions in this book, I pray that the Wonder of Christmas will be brought to life!

As we Wander on this path together, I invite you to Wonder with me about the many ways in which God has prepared for you and your family to be amazed and excited along the way! I pray you will have fun reading and singing and praying together!

Most of all I pray you find yourself, come this Christmas, closer to God than ever before! May God Bless your Advent Journey! ~Rev. Brandon Moll~

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