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Sun, Cross and Coffin F,2

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Faith United Methodist Church Sanctuary Window - F,2

As you enter the narthex entrance to the sanctuary at Faith United Methodist Church, this is the second window from the back on the left side of the sanctuary, and is designated for this journey as window F,1.

All of the windows at Faith United Methodist Church have the same main structure. The information about the cut glass surrounding the central eight-pointed star is in the text just below. If you wish to skip this part and just read about the star and the symbol contained therein, CLICK HERE. Otherwise, read on.

The glass at Faith United Methodist Church is a mixture of cut and hand stained glass. The hand-staining, however, is much more for accent and detail purposes meant to accentuate the stained color of the cut class used in the design of the window.

We will begin our journey from the frame edge of the window and work our way in to center. We are drawn to the first row of cut glass made of blues and red that remind us of our connection with Heaven through the shed blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Themes of Hope, Sincerity and Piety in the blue cut glass bring us to the reality that without the great love of God in the gift of his son Jesus, our hope would be lost and our journey futile.

The main body of the window is full of pastel colors of pink, green, yellow, blue and orange cut glass affording us the view of a rainbow in all it's splendor as the light floods through and fills the sanctuary with a heavenly show. This rainbow of light reminds us of the union between humanity and God and God's covenant with us for all time. There are also interspersed wedges of cut glass that are Blue, Red and Yellow. Reminding us that the unity and covenant of God are powerful and accessible to us, bringing us hope through the blood of Christ.

Surrounding the center symbol is a ring of red glass that reminds us that our journey through life through the blood of Christ is what enables us to truly experience each of the gifts depicted at the center of the window. The blue background reminds us of hope, sincerity and piety. The shape of the center focal point at first glance seems to be a diamond. If we look closer, however, we will see that in fact it forms an eight pointed star. This is a special star representing for us a symbol in itself of Regeneration and Holy Baptism. Through each of these symbols in the sanctuary at Faith United Methodist Church, we are invited into a journey of regeneration and reminded of the holy family that we are adopted into through our baptism.

The symbol in this window is a combination of many symbols. The Cross and Banner, Empty Coffin, Rising Sun and lush green grass, altogether representing for us Resurrection and New Life in Jesus Christ.

The Cross and Banner is often depicted being held by a Lamb representing our Savior Jesus, the sacrificial Lamb, and is the Banner of Victory over Hell and Death. Here we see that the staff holding the banner is a long Latin cross and is made of yellow or gold glass with simple hand-stained details. The gold glass reminds us of the Splendor of God and the Kingliness of Christ. The Banner is made of red cut glass with hand-stained details and bears also on it the image of the cross. This banner reminds us of the blood shed on the cross for us and the true love of God in the gift given in God's Son, Jesus.

The coffin is appropriately made of grey cut glass. The grey glass reminds us of the humility of the grave and the mourning that is associated there. The symbol of a coffin would normally represent death. This coffin, however, is empty and the lid set off to the side. This is further evidence and representation that these symbols together celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and new life for all who believe.

The final symbols in this collection are the Sun and Green Grass. The sun is made of beautiful golden cut glass with hand-stained accents showing us the radiance of the beams shining from the center. This gold glass and the image of the rising sun paired together tell us of the Splendor of the Advent of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Grass is made from green cut glass. The blades of grass and the rolling of the hills are hand stained in black. This beautiful emerald green reminds us of themes of growth, rebirth and the victory of life over death.

These many symbols combined together give a triumphal look at the celebration of Easter! This window urges us this day and each day to give God the glory for the victory over sin and death through the life, death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ!

I give thanks today for the J.O. Marsh Family and for those who showed thier love and faith in giving this beautiful window. We are reminded in the golden glass of the Gates of Heaven and hope to be reunited one day with loved ones who have passed on.

May God bless and keep you along the way, and shine his colorful light all around you!


(Much of the information on the symbolism in this blog was taken and adapted from the book "Church Symbolism, An Explanation of the More Important Symbols of the Old and New Testament, The Primitive, The Medieval and the Modern Church," by F. R. Webber, Copyright 1938, J.H. Hansen, The Central Lithograph Co., Cleveland, OH)

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