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Third Saturday in Advent

Third Saturday in Advent

Wonder of a Manger

(Light 2 Purple and 1 Pink Candles)

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.

Luke 19:10

Just as the Shepherds made haste to find the baby Jesus, Jesus is making haste to seek out and save us.

If I have something of importance that I have lost, most times I drop everything, and forget everything else until it is found.

Jesus is seeking us out because we matter to him. YOU matter to Jesus. YOU are part of God’s plan to save the world. YOU are part of how Jesus is seeking out and saving those who are lost.

As we finish this week spent at the Manger, share what you have learned and how Jesus can use you to seek out and help save the lost.

God, help me to be full of grace and make haste to find those who most need to know you. AMEN

Song of the Day: Ye Who Claim the Faith of Jesus

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