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Third Wednesday in Advent

Third Wednesday in Advent

Wonder of a Manger

(Light 2 Purple and 1 Pink Candles)

When they saw this, they made known what had been told them about this child: and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds told them. Luke 2:17-18

This is really where things get exciting isn’t it? This is the part where the Wonder of Christmas spreads! But I want to be clear that the KEY to getting the Wonder of Christmas out there and bigger and better than every is…wait for it…YOU! Notice that the shepherds shared everything that they had seen and heard about Jesus and everyone who heard it was amazed. You could say they were filled with wonder! That’s what we are after right?

Share one person that you can tell about the birth of Jesus and what his story means to you.

Find a unique way to share the story with that person.

God, help me to be as excited and convincing as the shepherds so that others will be amazed. AMEN

Song of the Day: Toda La Tierra (All Earth is Waiting)

(This song is sung in Spanish. The text is provided in English for you below)

All Earth is waiting to see the promised one.

and the open furrows the sowing of the Lord

All the world, bound and struggling, seeks true liberty

it cries out for justice and searches for the truth

Thus says the prophet to those of Israel,

a virgin mother will bear Emmanuel

for his name is God with us, our brother shall be

with him hope will blossom once more within our hearts

Mountains and valleys will have to be made plain

open new highways, new highways for the Lord.

he is now coming closer, so come all and see

and open the doorways as wide as wide can be

In lowly stable the Promised One appeared

yet, feel his presence throughout the earth today

for he lives in all Christians and is with us now

again, with his coming he brings us liberty

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